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        Home Port

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The homeport for the Windship Farm fleet of 5 ships has not yet been selected.


The port can be anywhere in the world with docking facilities for ships similar to the Millennium Class oil tankers, being at least 895 feet (272.7 meters) in length, with a beam of 152 feet (46.3 meters) and a depth of 83 feet (25.2 meters), and 125,000 dwt (deadweight tonnage).


Any proposed homeport must provide outstanding benefits for the 225 ships’ crews plus 35 corporate headquarters personnel.


Access to a national power gird would be helpful, but not necessary since the ships will deliver their stored power to anywhere it’s needed.


The name of the port will be on the bow of each ship and the host country’s flag will be flown on the ships. The port city will receive worldwide notoriety as the base of operations for a new chapter in clean energy production.


Most of the crews’ families will want to make their homes in or near the city that will host the port.


The ships and the headquarters operation will create approximately 350 jobs. Using an average employment multiplier of 1.63 to calculate the number of ancillary jobs, a total of approximately 570 new jobs would be created in the homeport city. The economic impact to the region would be over 100 million dollars a year.


The Winter Haven, Florida, Chamber of Commerce produced a report on the economic impact on their community from a new Aluminum Can Manufacturing facility. They projected up to 500 Jobs and 120 million dollars in economic Impact to the Winter Haven area.

Windship Farm, Inc. is now accepting bids from prospective homeport cities or countries

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