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        Windship I 

       Ship's Crew

Windship Farm, Inc-SKR-FF-One Shot transparent small 2.png

                                         Crew staffing for Windship I

                     Windship Farm, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer

Each Windship will have a crew of 35 men and women. Work shifts will be ten-hour watches. The workweek will be four days followed by three days off. Every crewmember will be allowed two weeks of shore leave every three months.


Salary will be commensurate with skill and experience.  


Licenses must be issued by the United States Coast Guard or the Maritime and Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom.


We are accepting applications for the following positions;


Deck officers.


Captain. Must have a Master’s License and at least 7 years experience as ship’s master.


First Mate. Must have a First Mate’s or Chief Mate’s License and 4 years experience in that position.


Boson or Second Mate. Must hold a Second Mate’s License and have 3 years experience as Second or Third Mate.


Third Mate. Must have a Third Mate’s License. Must have 3 years experience.





All positions must be licensed.


Chief Engineer

First Assistant Engineer

Second Assistant Engineer

Third Assistant Engineer



Staff officers


Staff officers must possess a Certificate of Registry.


Chief purser


Senior assistant purser

Cadet purser

Physician assistant. Must have a master’s degree and patient care experience.


Chef. Must demonstrate Michelin Star level performance.


Other personnel


IT Computer System Engineer 

Licensed Practical Nurse. Must have an LPN certificate and 2 years experience

Chef’s assistant, two positions

Servers and kitchen cadets, three positions

Electrician, battery maintenance, two positions

Deckhands, ship’s maintenance, five positions

Wind turbine maintenance, two positions

Deck cadet, two positions

Engine cadet


Benefits include health insurance, top quality private living quarters, recreation and exercise facilities, all meals and snacks including restaurant-style entrees ordered from a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


No smoking, hard liquor or illegal drugs will be allowed on board. There will be random drug tests with zero tolerance. Beer and wine will be available at mealtime and in private quarters at the discretion of the Captain.

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